Why Frank Cahill HSBC is a good mentor in his professional life?

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People need guidance in life to move ahead. Some get and some don’t. Those who don’t get it do go ahead in life, but it is by trial and error. There are mistakes, setbacks and all of it is borne stoically. However, those who get mentored, navigate life and career with faith that they can always ask this person for guidance. Not saying that the person who is mentored has it easy. No, that isn’t how things work. But he definitely has some more information which can make decisions easier.

Frank Cahill HSBC has been mentoring people for a while now. He continues to advise and guide people who are looking for professional advice. If you ask him why he does it, he will tell you that nothing else gives him the satisfaction that mentoring does. It knows that you are shaping someone’s life and career.

A good mentor has certain qualities and Frank Cahill HSBC does have these in him. Here are the reasons why Frank is a good mentor and why you should want to be a mentor.

Better leadership – By being a mentor you will learn how to work with people whom you have never met with. You don’t have a natural connection with them and will need patience and understanding to guide them. These are nothing but leadership skills in practice which helps the mentor immensely.

Learning – Mentoring someone helps a person understand them and learn about the daily workloads of subordinates. You take time out and talk to the mentee and, in turn, can get to know the ground realities which don’t show up in any company report. It helps you in managing your team and juniors much better.

Fresh ideas – Mentoring a subordinate is a good way of getting new and fresh ideas. The probability is that the person you are mentoring a junior and will come from a different generation and background. Looking at different places definitely helps with better ideas and this is one avenue.

Shaping tomorrow – By advising and guiding your subordinates, you are possibly shaping tomorrow. The persons you are guiding today will grow and hold positions of responsibility in the future. Some may even become CEO’s of companies. This means that you have shaped a future leader and that is something to be proud of, just like Frank Cahill HSBC.

Emotional intelligence – EI is needed when one progresses to the top. If you are choosing to be a mentor then you will be able to practice emotional intelligence. Sometimes this skill comes over time as you deliberately use it.

Strengthen what you know – Talking to a subordinate can sometimes improve your knowledge and strengthen what you already know. This validation can be helpful in general day to day work when you need to create strategies.

Understand the new generation – When you start mentoring, there are high chances that you will do so with a newer generation. There will obviously be a generation gap. If you are a leader in an organisation then you need to feel the pulse of this new generation and mentoring is a good way forward.

Feeling good – Above everything, mentoring allows you to feel good. You have done your part in helping someone and paving a better career path for someone.

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