Why Michael Frank Cahill feels taking risk is important in Life?

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A risk is a negative possibility, meaning it may or may not happen. Therefore, a risk is the possibility of something bad happening. Normal life is risky, we are here today, may not be tomorrow. But there are some risks of which we are aware and it is our decision to take that chance or not.

Michael Frank Cahill has always believed in taking risks. His life has been a mix of successes and some setbacks, but he has achieved a successful life and career only through risks. For example, you decide to invest in shares, but the share value depends on market conditions. Although the price value of shares can be forecasted to a certain extent, the market condition cannot be predicted with a 100% certainty. Like the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on world markets couldn’t have been predicted.

Michael Frank Cahill HSBC says that if you want to get ahead and achieve your dreams, you need to take calculated positive risks. A positive risk is one which could have a good effect on your life. But not everyone can go on this path as we fear change, rejection and failure. We think that fear is bad and so are risks, but this isn’t always true. Risks have benefits for you and can help you in living a better life.

Benefits of risks

  • Risks can help you in establishing higher limits for yourself, outside your comfort zone. When in our comfort zone, we often get relaxed and don’t want to do anything big or extraordinary. But only if you try to do something different, complex and bigger through a risk, then your life will always be happening.
  • You go through new challenges and opportunities along with that if you take risks. You can learn a new skill which can help you in getting ahead in life.
  • Risks can have positive outcomes in life. If you are aiming for a risky goal and don’t achieve it, even then the good outcome will be that you have learned valuable lessons. And if your goal is met, then everything has worked out.
  • Calculated risks can help you in clearly defining what you want from life. You need to think and plan to work towards the rewards that you want.
  • Risks, which are reasonable can add positivity and colour to life. The heart beating, palms sweating when you are about to take a risk, is better than a monotonous and boring life. By stretching to new heights, you may achieve what you thought was impossible.
  • If you want a way to build self-trust, then taking risks is the best.  You use intuition and logic when you decide to take a risk. By this way, you can elevate your self-trust.

As Michael Frank Cahill HSBC believed, the biggest risk is not taking any risks in life. There will always be risks like not getting a job, getting turned down, losing friendships, making mistakes and not finding love. But even then, we do try finding jobs or making friends right. So, we must not be averse to risks. Calculated and careful risks may pay off and help us achieve dreams.

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