Why Michael Frank Cahill gave Importance to Continuous Learning?

Learning is necessary to learn the ways of the world and survive. When a child is born, a few minutes after that he/she starts learning. They observe the world and learn from experience as to what works and what doesn’t. They understand that if they cry, they will get attention, food, a diaper change or all of the three. Their brain develops and they learn more things like walking, counting and trying to solve puzzles. All of this is necessary so they can learn crucial life skills. Skills that have fuelled innovation and progress for the human race.

Michael Frank Cahill HSBC has given a lot of importance to continuous learning- irrespective of age or position. Here is what he believes about learning.

You may be in your twenties or fifties, a clerk or a vice president, you need to learn to survive in this world. Especially in terms of technology which changes really fast. If you don’t learn and reskill, you will be outdated or what we call a dinosaur in the corporate environment.

This is what had happened when computers went mainstream. Many workplaces began using the machines and those who couldn’t learn it and work with it, were let go. Because there will be others who are just waiting to take your place. If you don’t learn and fight for your position and job, someone else will take it.

Continuous learning is a constant state of getting to learn new skills, tools or concepts. It helps in the expansion of a person’s knowledge base. This is important because the business environment is always in a state of flux. It keeps changing with new ideas, new products, new strategies, new discoveries and demands.

The economy is global and there exists a very competitive talent market. It isn’t just your region or country which generates competition for your job. But it is the whole world where you can find your replacement. Because of technology, a person in China can be connected to an office in the USA.

Here are a few reasons why you must learn continually

  • Competency in confidence –Learning something new adds to your competency. If your competency is unique and in demand, then you will never have a shortage of job offers. It will give you the confidence to believe in yourself and hold your head up high.
  • Boosting professional profile – Continuous learning means adding to your certifications or licenses. This could lead to endorsements and recommendations from colleagues and superiors. Your professional profile on networking sites will get more attention from recruiters.
  • Preparing for unexpected – Constant learning can help you in adapting to sudden unexpected changes. If you lose your job then you can find a new job on the basis of your new skills. If you are learning constantly then you will find it easier to come out of your comfort zone and move to a new job.
  • Remaining relevant – Learning can ensure that you don’t get left behind. Keep up with the trends and changes in your sector. Change your skill set and adapt to the changing market to remain relevant.

Continuous learning is important because it leads to personal enrichment and required if you want to grow in your career.

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