Five Things that inspires young generation from Michael Frank Cahill

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If we see the younger generations of today we will find a world of a difference between them and what used to be 30 years back. Today’s youth has a very practical approach to life in general. They are diligent, earnest and impatient with an ever increasing thirst to know more. They easily imbibe and analyze what goes around them and it is very common for them to be inspired by someone they adore. This quality of theirs can determine how they mold their lives based on their inspiration and experience in a particular sphere.

Most young people who are stepping into the field of finance and marketing know Michael Frank Cahill HSBC as an established figure. More popularly known as Frank Cahill, he is an expert in the field of global financial markets with a rich experience of thirty years. However these thirty years of Cahill haven’t been an easy one and there is a lot that one could learn from him especially the young generations.

  1. Follow your passion: Frank always had an interest finance and marketing. During his time at school he became engrossed in global currency markets. He was fascinated by their size & scale and began to follow and understand how it worked.This fire inside him kept growing and it pulled him towards Wall Street where he eventually started working. He loved what he was doing and therefore reached great heights.
  2. Work hard: Being on the trading floors of large corporate companies is not an easy thing. It requires a lot of endurance and grit to survive there. Frank knew this and always pushed himself to work hard and become better at trading every day. He polished his skills as Michael Frank Cahill HSBC trader which helped him climb the rank within the company very quickly.
  3. Broaden your horizon: Frank is a person who fervently believes in the continuity of learning. Even after becoming an efficient trader he always looked for opportunities which would make him learn something more. Therefore when HSBC offered him a senior role on an international level, he gladly took the opportunity and gained a lot of valuable lessons and experience in return.
  4. Give back to the society: Frank not only wanted to assimilate a lot of knowledge but also wanted to impart knowledge especially to the younger generations to help them make a good career. After a long stint at the trading world Frank has currently taken up more of an advisory role. He enjoys writing blogs about finance and marketing and hopes that it will help those who are interested in this field.
  5. Invest time in your family: Throughout his celebrated career, Frank Cahill has had the support of his family. He is an affectionate husband and a doting father to three lovely children. Inspite of having long working hours he loves to spend quality time with his family and is actively involved in the lives of his children. His family is the reason he remains grounded strives to be a better person.

Michael Frank Cahill is someone who has always lived life on his own terms and enjoyed every bit of it because he loves what he does.So even though he has taken a backseat in the field of finance and trade there still a lot to be learned from him and his magnificent career.

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